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The FD-05-0001 from Farran Technology is a passive frequency doubler with an output frequency range from 175 GHz to 200 GHz. It can accept can handle up to 200 mW of input power and delivers an output power from 15 to 80 mW. The frequency doubler has an efficiency of up to 45%. It is available with a waveguide interface and is ideally suited for LO drive chains, frequency multiplication and mm-wave instrumentation.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    87.5 to 100 GHz, 2x Frequency Multiplier

General Parameters

  • Type
    Passive, Waveguide Multiplier
  • Application
    Test & Measurement
  • Mult Factor
  • Input Frequency
    87.5 to 100 GHz
  • Output Frequency
    175 to 200 GHz
  • Input Power
    20 to 23 dBm
  • Output Power
    11.76 to 19 dBm
  • Voltage
    6 to 12 V
  • Output Interface
    WR-5, WR-10
  • Package Type

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