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BGT24LTR22 Image

The BGT24LTR22 from Infineon Technologies is a Multichannel 24 GHz SiGe MMIC Transceiver for smart sensing applications. The transceiver consists of a frequency divider, low phase noise VCO, power amplifier, power detector, and homodyne low noise quadrature receiver. It provides building blocks for analog signal generation and reception and supports multimode operations (master/slave). The transceiver requires a DC supply of 1.5 V and supports an SPI interface. It is manufactured using Infineon’s B11HFC BiCMOS technology that offers a cutoff frequency higher than 300 GHz. The transceiver is available in a 3-pin embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array (eWLB) package that measures 3.63 x 3.63 mm, and is ideal for radar, smart home appliances, drone collision avoidance, traffic monitoring, and security applications.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Infineon Technologies
  • Description
    Multichannel 24 GHz SiGe MMIC Transceiver for Radar Applications

General Parameters

  • Frequency
    24 to 24.25 GHz
  • Frequency Band
  • Type
  • Measurements
    Angle, Distance
  • No of Tx Channels
    2 Channels
  • No of Rx Channels
    2 Channels
  • Output Power
    1 to 9.5 dBm(Tx)
  • Integrations
    VCO, Frequency Divider
  • LNA Gain
    16 to 33 dB (RX)
  • Noise Figure
    8 to 16.5 dB (RX)
  • Supply Voltage
    1.5 V
  • Package
  • Applications
    Smart home appliances, Drone collisonavoidance, Traffic monitoring, Security applications
  • Dimensions
    3.63 x 3.63 mm
  • RoHS
  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 85 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -40 to 150 Degree C

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