OTS-1LNG 3 GHz/6 GHz

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The Optiva OTS-1LNG 3 GHz/6 GHz 1310 nm Wideband RF Over Fiber Link from Emcore is a Next-Gen L-Band fiber optic link. It is optimized to provide transparent IF, extended L-Band, C and S-Band signal transport from 50 MHz to 6 GHz for satellite antenna and interfacility applications. This fiber optic link has a typical noise figure of 17 dB and a Tx/Rx adjustable gain range of 30 dB. The Optiva platform enables customers to future-proof their systems with better performance at a lower cost than competing alternatives. The native C-Band coverage also provides customers with the optimal solution for 5G C-Band interference. The Optiva Platform enables long-distance fiber optic links over 100 km with 1/10th the size and weight of a coaxial cable.

Optiva satellite and microwave transmitters and receivers are SNMP compliant. They can be housed in the same chassis and monitored by the same Network Management System (NMS) to provide multiple frequency transport in a single flexible platform. It is suitable for applications such as satellite antenna signal transport, DBS antenna signal distribution and interfacility signal transport.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    OTS-1LNG 3 GHz/6 GHz
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Next-Gen 3 GHz/6 GHz Wideband RF Over Fiber Link

General Parameters

  • Application
    Satellite Antenna Signal Transport, DBS Antenna Signal Distribution, Interfacility Signal Transport, electronic warfare systems
  • Type
    Transmitter, Receiver
  • Frequency Range
    50 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Optical Wavelengths
    1270 to 1610 nm
  • Optical Output Power
    6 to 9 dBm
  • Noise Figure
    17 dB
  • IP3
    25 dBm
  • RF Gain
    23 dB
  • RF Return Loss
    -14 to -10 dB
  • Supply Voltage
    12 V
  • Current TX
    260 to 1010 mA
  • Current RX
    190 mA
  • Package Type
  • RF Connector
    SMA, BNC
  • Fiber Optic Connectors
  • RF Impedance
    50 Ohms, 75 Ohms
  • Operating Temperature Range
    -20 to 60 Degree C

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