RF Repeaters by Microlab

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GPSR116 Image

The GPSR116 from Microlab is a 16 ports digital GPS repeater that operates in the GPS L1 (1575.42 MHZ) band. This digital GPS repeater system can be used for cellular communications UTC synchronization for locations where the GPS signals are not readily available. The system is built with Microlab’s patent-pending Digital SkyTiming Technology offering GPS signal transmission via CPRI for highly accurate timing and location. The system offers several configurations for indoor and outdoor applications. The GPSR repeaters also offer the ability to re-broadcast GPS signals at several different locations over fiber optic cable, offering longer reach than coax cabling. It requires a supply voltage of -48/+24 VDC and consumes up to 13 watts of power. The repeater is available in a system that measures 17 x 15 x 1.7 inches, weighs 10 lb with SMA connectors.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    16 Port Digital GPS Signal Repeater

General Parameters

  • Type
  • Band
    GPS L1
  • Output Power
    -75 dBm
  • Power Consumption
    13 W
  • Return loss
    14 dB
  • Supply Voltage
    -48 / 24 V
  • Impedance
    200 Ohms
  • Spurious
    -75 dBm
  • Standard Supported
  • Weight
    10 lb.
  • Dimension
    17.0 x 15.0 1.7 in (422 x 200 x 43.8 mm)
  • Connector

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