It is a cloud-based tool for automated antenna design, synthesis, and optimization. It takes antenna engineering requirements as inputs and produces antenna designs as outputs. The software was designed in a way that it can be used by experts and by those who are relatively new to antenna design. Its self-guiding templates supports dozens of antenna types ranging from spirals to patch antennas to Yagi and Vivaldi styles, including many types that are only available using computer-based optimization. This cloud based software uses design space exploration more efficiently and executes faster.

As the demand for wireless connectivity and remote sensing increases, the demand for customized antenna solutions for optimal system performance, cost, and size also increases. AntSyn is a great alternate for the design engineers to save time when designs are expected to satisfy multiple performance metrics such as impedance matching, gain, radiation effi ciency, and operating bandwidth.

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    National Instruments Corporation
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    Software for Automated Antenna Design, Synthesis and Optimization

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    Antenna Design, Synthesis, and Optimization

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