Spectran HF-60100V4

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The Spectran HF-60100V4 from Aaronia AG is a Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzer that operates from 9 kHz to 9.4 GHz. It has a high sensitivity with a DANL of less than -170 dBm /Hz with an internal pre-amplifier. The analyzer has an amplitude accuracy of better than +/- 1dB. It has a fast sample time of 5 milli seconds, a 14-bit Dual-ADC, DDC hardware filter and can be controlled via a USB interface.

This spectrum analyzer is supplied with the OmniLOG 90200 Antenna, HyperLOG EMC directional LogPer 60100 antenna, battery charger and adapter, SMA tool, SMA adapter, analyzer software for MAC-OS, Linux and Windows (on CD), and aluminum carrying case with foam protection. It also has an 1300 mAh rechargable battery. This spectrum analyzer measures 260 x 86 x 23 mm with SMA Female connectors and is ideal for WLAN, UMTS, Wi-Fi, active radar, GSM, mobile phones, Bluetooth, microwave ovens, radio stations, TV stations, and EMC applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    Spectran HF-60100V4
  • Manufacturer
    Aaronia AG
  • Description
    Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzer from 9 kHz to 9.4 GHz

General Parameters

  • Type
    Analyzer with Screen, USB / Computer Controlled
  • Equipment Type
  • Analyzer Type
    USB Spectrum Analyzers, Handheld Spectrum Analyzers
  • Frequency
    9 kHz to 9.4 GHz
  • Resolution Bandwidth
    200 Hz to 50 MHz
  • DANL
    -155dBm(1Hz), -170dBm(1Hz) with a Pre Amp
  • Amplitude
    -80 to 3 dBm
  • Accuracy
    ± 1 dB
  • Interface
  • Application
  • Standards Supported
    WLAN, UMTS, WiFi, GSM, Mobile phones, Bluetooth, Microwave Ovens, DECT Phones, TETRA, Radio Stations, TV Stations
  • Powered By
    AC Powered, Battery
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • Display
    95 mm LCD Display
  • Connector
    SMA, SMA - Female
  • Demodulator
    AM, FM, GSM
  • Detector
    RMS, Min, Max
  • Input Power
    40 dBm
  • Sweep Time
    5 mS
  • Dimension
    250 x 86 x 27 mm
  • Weight
    410 gms
  • Pricing
    Under $3000

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