ODEN 3001

RF Spectrum Recording and Playback System by Novator Solutions

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The ODEN 3001 from Novatar Solutions is an Intelligent RF Spectrum Recorder with a frequency range from 16 kHz to 14/26.5 GHz and a real-time bandwidth of 765 MHz. It automatically captures individual interfering signals or rare and unknown events of interest for analysis and spectrum characterization which reduces the amount of data to be recorded thereby simplifying data handling and reducing associated costs. The operator can also control how much data in the time and frequency domain are recorded when trigger conditions are met.

The ODEN 3001 combines a frequency mask trigger (FMT), 1024 individual digital downconverters (DDC) with acquisition regions and rules to record all channels simultaneously into separate files. The user-friendly GUI ensures intuitive configuration and monitoring of the recording process. The system has a real-time spectrum monitor with spectrum & spectrogram views. All recorded signals are stored in separate data files and a list view makes it easy to select, save and export recorded data. This spectrum recorder is available with in-chassis or external RAID hardware options and has 4 – 184 TB of enterprise-grade storage disks.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    ODEN 3001
  • Manufacturer
    Novator Solutions
  • Description
    Intelligent RF Spectrum Recorder from 16 kHz to 14/26.5 GHz

General Parameters

  • Storage
    4TB-184TB enterprise grade SSD memory
  • Bandwidth
    765 MHz
  • Recording Frequency
    16 KHz to 14 GHz / 26.5 GHz
  • Note
    1024 individual digital downconverters (DDC),

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