The A3T18H450W23S from NXP is part of their Airfast 3 Family, which has been optimized for wireless infrastructure applications. The transistors have high efficiencies, excellent thermal performance and are available in compact packages. This asymmetrical Doherty RF power LDMOS transistor operates from 1805 to 1880 MHz. It delivers an output power of 89 W and requires a supply voltage of 31 VDC while consuming up to 1000 mA of current. The transistor is available in a ACP-1230S-4L2S package and is ideal for cellular base station applications.

Product Specifications

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    NXP Semiconductors
  • Description
    89 W RF Power LDMOS Transistor from 1805 to 1880 MHz
  • Transistor Type
  • Application
  • Application Type
    Cellular, Base Stations
  • Grade
  • Frequency
    1840 MHz
  • Gain
    17.2 dB
  • Power
    49 dBm(89 W)
  • Supply Voltage
    31 Vdc
  • Drain Current
    1000 mA
  • Voltage - Drain-Source (Vdss)
    31 Vdc
  • Voltage - Gate-Source (Vgs)
    0.4 Vdc
  • Package Type
  • RoHS
  • Note
    ACPR:- -33 dBc, PAR:- 9.9 dB
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