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The ZBR2000 from Zebra is an RFID Inlay that operates from 865-868 MHz (ETSI) and 902-928 (FCC). It has a read range of up to 17 meters in free space. This inlay has a read sensitivity of up to -23 dBm and a write sensitivity of up to -18 dBm. The inlay is based on NXP’s UCODE 8 chip and has an EPC memory of 128 bits and a TID memory of 96 bits (48 bit unique).

This general-purpose inlay measures 0.31 (H) x 3.74 (W) inches and is suitable for case, pallet, asset tracking, and 4-inch wide labeling applications. It meets auburn ARC specs: A, B, C, D, F, G, I, K, L, M, N, Q.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    RFID Inlay for Case, Pallet, and Asset Tracking Applications

General Parameters

  • Tag Type
  • Region
  • Type
    RFID Inlay
  • Tag Form Factor
  • Applications
    Case / Pallet Tracking
  • Application Industry
    Asset Tracking, Logistics & Supply Chain, Medical
  • Frequency Band
  • Operating Frequency
    865 - 868 / 902 - 928 MHz
  • Applicable Surface Materials
    Cardboard, Glass, Rubber, PTFE, PVC, Polyacetyl, Fiberglass, Air
  • Read Distance
    9 to 17 m
  • EPC Memory
    128 Bits
  • TID Memory
    96 Bits
  • Dimensions
    8 x 95 mm
  • Note
    Read Sensitivity : -23 dBm, Write Sensitivity : -18 dBm

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