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MPKOG14550Q Image

The MPKOG14550Q from Communications & Power Industries (CPI) is a GaN based Ku-band SSPA that operates from 13.75 to 14.50 GHz. The amplifier provides a linear output power of 54.3 dBm (270 W) and a saturated output power of 57.3 dBm (540 W) with a gain of 65 dB. It is based on CPI’s patented technology which utilizes hot-swappable RF modules, power supplies, and electronic assemblies to maximize performance and minimize downtime in SATCOM systems. The SSPA has second-order harmonics of -50 dBc and spurious levels of under -70 dBc.

The amplifier has a parallel architecture where the solid-state power amplifiers and power supply modules are configured in parallel to share the load. It consists of a color touch-screen for local control along with RS-232/422/485 and a leading-edge TCP/IP embedded web interface. The software can be configured for remote monitoring and firmware upgrades while allowing virtual factory access to monitor the amplifier system’s key performance parameters such as temperature, current, and voltage measurements to individual component levels.

The MPKOG14550Q is available in a module that measures 483 x 533 x 746 mm with N-type (female) connectors at the input and a WR75 waveguide interface at the output. It requires an AC supply of 180-264 V and consumes 5.5 kVA of power.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Communications & Power Industries
  • Description
    540 W GaN-Based Ku-band SSPA from 13.75 to 14.50 GHz

General Parameters

  • Type
  • Technology
  • Bands
    Ku Band
  • Frequency
    13.75 to 14.50 GHz
  • Saturated Power
    57.3 dB
  • Linear Power
    54.3 dBm
  • Small Signal Gain
    65 dB
  • Gain Adjustment Range
    20 dB
  • Gain Adjustment Step Range
    0.1 dB
  • Redundancy
  • AM/PM Conversion
    1.0 Degree/dB
  • Harmonics
    -50 dBc
  • Intermodulation
    -30 to -25 dBc
  • Impedance
    50 ohms
  • Input VSWR
  • Output VSWR
  • Spurious
    -70 dBc
  • AC Voltage
    180 to 264 VAC
  • Package Type
  • Input Connector
    N Type, N Type - Female
  • Output Connector
  • Waveguide
  • Dimension
    19.0 x 20.97 x 29.37 Inches
  • Weight
    122 kg
  • Cooling
    Forced Air
  • Operating Temperature
    0 to 50 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -45 to 85 Degree C

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