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The dbSafe5G is a shielded test enclosure for mmWave applications. It is available in two configurations - one supports frequencies below 33 GHz and and the other supports mm-Wave bands from 30 to 70 GHz. 5G devices will be designed in the mmWave range using massive MIMO capability. The dbSafe5G makes MIMO testing in array configurations possible. The production environment is conducive to having portable RF enclosures that allow testing mmWave MIMO configurations over the air in a smaller space. When device speed and sensitivity increases, small and noise free RF test environments will be required. Bringing power and data in and out of smaller RF enclosures becomes impossible using traditional methods used under X-band applications. Additional challenges in the design of mmWave shielding include reducing interference, noise filtering and ventilation.

Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
      dbSafe 5G
    • Manufacturer :
    • Description :
      Shielded Test Enclosure for 5G Applications

    General Parameters

    • Opening Type :
    • Frequency :
      24.24 to 95 GHz
    • Applications :
      5G, IoT, Wearables
    • Exterior Dimension :
      5GS - 3270 : 32 x 24 x 70 Inches, 5GS - 5242 : 52 x 42 x 42 Inches

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