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HDRF-6U60-B1 Image

The HDRF-6U60-B1 from RF Electronics is a RF Shielded Test Box that operates from 20 MHz to 6 GHz. It has a thick RF absorbing foam that provides isolation of more than 130 dB which attenuates standing waves and reflections. The RF Test box is equipped with shielded power filters for power connections in the box while still blocking all wireless signals. 

The back sidewall of the shielded enclosure has one fan with 2 cut off waveguide air vents (one at the front door and the other on the rear side wall). The I/O access panels on the back wall of the shielded enclosure houses AC and DC Supply ports of 5 amp and supports interfaces such as RS-232, 10G-RJ-45 and USB 2.0.

The RF Shielded test box is available with standard accessories such as an Ultra Silent 12VDC (120MM 1300 RPM / 65 CFM) Cooling Fan with a Universal Input Voltage Adapter. A fixed LED Light is mounted on the ceiling inside the Box with Power Supply Adapter.  A power strip having 5 Way Universal Folding Socket with Mains IDE Female Plug Socket to go with AC I/O Socket of Box. The Wooden - Mica Base Plate inside the box acts as an insulated surface to place DUT and other units inside the box.

The RF Shielded test box is fabricated as per standard 19 rack mount design and its rugged construction enables long-lasting durability. It is available in an enclosure with an exterior dimension of 436 x 260 x 585 mm and has a clear space of 386 x 210 x 525 mm. This RF Shielded test box is available in customizable sizes in order to suit application-specific requirements and is ideal for test platform, WLAN (802.11a, b, g, n, ac, ax), Wireless device testing, Digital Forensics, EMC testing, Bluetooth, RFID, 3G, LTE and 5G applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    RF Electronics
  • Description
    RF Shielded Test Box for EMC Testing from 20 MHz to 6 GHz

General Parameters

  • Type
    Rack Mount Shield Box
  • Opening Type
  • Frequency
    20 to 6000 MHz
  • Connectivity
  • Interface
    RS-232, - RJ45, USB
  • RF Absorber
    -20 dB Reflection Loss at 2.4 GHz & Higher Frequencies
  • Isolation/Insulation
    90 to 130 dB
  • Applications
    Wireless Testing, Digital Forensics, R&D, EMC Testing, Bluetooth, RFID, 3G, LTE, 5G Device testing
  • Interior Dimension
    386(W) X 210(H) X 525(D) mm
  • Exterior Dimension
    436(W) X 260(H) X 585(D) mm

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