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The MAUC-011003 from MACOM is an up-converter module with an RF Frequency from 28 to 32 GHz and LO Frequency from 12 to 18.45 GHz. This up-converter is ideal for point-to-point radios under both LSB and USB operation and Ka-Band VSAT applications. The module consists of a LO doubler, LO buffer amplifier and an RF buffer amplifier. It provides a variable gain of up to 12 dB, OPI3 of 32 dBm and requires a -3V bias voltage. The variable gain can be achieved by adjusting the bias, with turn-down trajectories optimized to maintain linearity and 2xLO leakage over the gain control range. The MAUC-011003 is available in a 4 mm PQFN plastic package.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    28 to 32 GHz Up Converter Module for Point-to-Point Applications

General Parameters

  • Application Industry
    Wireless / Communication
  • RF Frequency
    27.5 to 33.4 GHz
  • LO Frequency
    12 to 18.45 GHz
  • Conversion Gain
    8.5 to 14 dB
  • IIP3
    20 dBm
  • OIP3
    28 to 32 dBm
  • Spurious
    -55 dBm
  • Image Rejection
    15 dBc
  • Package Type
    Surface Mount
  • Operation Temperature
    -40 to 85 Degrees C

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