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ANTKX-620037-N5 Image

The ANTKX-620037-N5 from Atlantic Microwave is a Double-ridged Horn Antenna that operates from 1 to 18 GHz. This linearly polarized antenna provides a gain of more than 6 dB with a 3 dB beamwidth of up to 95° and a typical axial ratio of 3 dB. The antenna can handle an input power of up to 100 W and has a VSWR of less than 2:1.

The ANTKX-620037-N5 is made of lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminium and has been designed to provide trouble-free indoor operation at a temperature range from -55 to +75°C. It measures 250 x 160 x 212 mm and has an N-type (female) connector. This horn antenna is suitable for fixed location applications such as EMI testing, system integration, CATR, direction finding, surveillance, and antenna gain and pattern measurements.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Atlantic Microwave
  • Description
    Double-Ridged Horn Antenna from 1 to 18 GHz for Indoor Applications

General Parameters

  • Type
    Pyramidal Horn Antenna
  • Application
    CATR, Direction Finding, EMC Testing, Test & Measurement
  • Application Band
    L Band, S Band, C Band, X Band, Ku Band
  • Frequency
    1 to 18 GHz
  • Gain
    6 dB
  • Beam Width
    15 to 95 Degree
  • Power
    100 W
  • Polarization
  • Isolation
    20 dB
  • Axial Ratio
    3 dB
  • Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • VSWR
  • Dimension
    250 x 160 x 212 mm
  • Connector
    N Type, N Type - Female
  • Body Material
  • Note
    Operation Temperature : -55°C to +75°C, Storage Temperature : -65°C~+85°C

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