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The P9415 is a highly-integrated, WPC 1.2.4 compatible, single-chip wireless power receiver for 30Watt applications. The device can be configured to receive or transmit an AC power signal through magnetic induction. As a receiver, it receives an AC power signal from a wireless transmitter and converts it into rectified output voltage, which can be then used to power devices or supply the charger input in mobile applications.

When the device is configured as a wireless power transmitter, it uses an on-chip full/half-bridge inverter, a PWM generator, and a modulator/demodulator for communication, and a micro-controller to produce an AC power signal to drive external L-C tank to Wattshare up to 10 W in Transmit mode.

The P9415 has Multiple-time programmable (MTP) non-volatile memory to easily update control firmware and device functions. This receiver accommodates up to 20V out of the on-board LDO with the ultra-accurate current sense capability necessary for high power applications. It is available in an ultra-small 6 x 9 ball array, 2.82 x 4.22 mm, 53-WLCSP package and includes over-temperature and robust over-voltage protection.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Integrated Device Technology
  • Description
    Wireless Charging Receiver for 30W Applications

General Parameters

  • Compliance
  • WPC Standard
    WPC 1.2.4
  • Power
    20 W
  • Output Voltage
    20 V
  • Package
  • Dimension
    2.82 × 4.22 × 0.4 mm

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