Glass Substrate for Semiconductor Applications 2020

  • Forecast Period: 2019-2025
  • Published On: Dec 2020
  • Pages: 365
  • By:  Yole
  • Type: PDF

What’s new

  • Status of the glass substrate industry and evolution
  • Update of our 2019-2025 glass material market forecast segmented by semiconductor device and by glass functionality
  • New analysis based on the competitive landscape and market share of the glass material suppliers by semiconductor segment covered in the report
  • Key technical insights and detailed analysis of the glass material solutions, trends, requirements and challenges by semiconductor

Key features of the report

  • Detailed analysis of glass substrates used in the following applications and devices: MEMS actuators and sensors, CMOS image sensors, memory and logic, RF devices, power devices, photonic components, microfluidic and FO WLP package
  • Detailed analysis of glass substrates used into different functionalities: glass-based including permanent substrate, wafer level capping, TGV interposer, wafer level optics, IR cut-off filter, and glass carriers
  • Glass substrate market metrics in wspy or panel and value for 2019- 2025
  • Breakdown by end-application, by functionality and by substrate size
  • 2019 global glass substrate market share in the field of semiconductor
  • 2019 glass material market share by application
  • Overview of the players using glass material by application and functionality
  • Technology roadmap for glass technology adoption
  • Updated technology trends analysis across different semiconductor segments
  • Detailed study of the glass substrate opportunity in the field of semiconductor with cost, technology, and supply chain status

Objectives of the report

The objectives of the report are to :

  • Provide a detailed analysis of the status of the glass material industry for:
    • Applications such as MEMS actuators and sensors, memory and logic, CIS, RF devices, power, photonics as well as microfluidic applications
    • Glass functionalities such as: permanent substrates, WLCapping, TGV interposers, WLOptics, IR cut-off filters and glass carriers
  • Identify established applications and emerging applications using glass material substrates and provide their trends and drivers
  • Give the current status of glass material adoption and the various type of glass materials available on the market
  • Highlight the key glass technologies used in semiconductors
  • Provide an overview of the technological trends for glass materials
  • Understand the key benefits and added value of the glass materials in the field of semiconductors
  • Review technical glass characteristics, challenges and barriers to entry for each market segment and functionality
  • Offer market metrics at glass wafer market level for semiconductor applications for 2019-2025
  • Evaluate market developments in terms of market size in volume and value, substrate sizes and formats
  • Provide a competitive landscape, identify key players in technology  development and manufacturing
  • Give an overview of who is doing what, and details of each market