Impact of COVID-19 on Purchase of Planned 5G and Smartphones in China

  • Forecast Period: 2020 to 2020
  • Published On: Apr 2020
  • Pages: 11
  • By:  Strategy Analytics
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China is emerging from the Covid-19 crisis ahead of the rest of the world with supply chains significantly back up to speed, employees in place, retail stores reopening. The supply side is ramped up but are consumers mentally, emotionally ready to leap right back on the smartphone and 5G purchasing train?

Strategy Analytics analysed the purchase intentions of 1300 smartphone owners in China March 23-25th to assess how the virus has impacted their plans for purchase a new smartphone and to upgrade to 5G service as well as their views on when life may returns to normal.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 3
Analysis 3
Are Chinese Consumers Ready to jump back on the smartphone and 5G bandwagon? 3
China Consumers Optimistic but Cautious 4
Conclusions 10
How Can We Help You? 11
1.1. Mobile Phone Use due to Covid-19 4
1.2 When Will We get Back to Normal 5
1.3 Impact of Covid-19 on China Purchases and Investments Postponed / Canceled 5
1.4 Covid-19 Impact on China Smartphone Purchase Plans 7
1.5 Covid-19 Impact on Smartphone Purchase by Brand 8
1.6 China 5G: Impact of Covid-19 on Adoption 9
1.7 Covid-19 Impact on 5G Adoption by Device Brand 9