Power Amp and RF Front End Market Share and Forecast Update

  • Forecast Period: 2018 to 2020
  • Published On: Mar 2020
  • Pages: 54
  • By:  Strategy Analytics
  • Type: Forecast and Outlook
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Despite the common wisdom that RF front-end components for mobile phones and other cellular devices would undergo spectacular growth with 4G and 5G, a decline in smartphone shipments, a weak Chinese economy, trade tensions and the challenges of phone complexity conspired to keep the market flat in 2018 and 2019.     

Calendar 2020 looks no better with COVID-19, but growth should return in 2021.

1.    Executive Summary
2. RF Front-End Components
2.1 Overall RF Front-End Component Market
2.1.1 RF Front-End Forecast
2.1.2 The Trade War with China
2.1.3 Suppliers in Mainland China
2.1.4 Chipset Suppliers and Complete Solutions
2.1.5 Vertically Integrated OEMs
2.2 RF Front-end Market
2.2.1 Importance of Smartphones
2.2.2 The Launch of 5G
2.2.3 RF Front-end Share
2.3 PA Market Share
2.4 FEM Share
2.5 LNA Share
2.6 Switch Share
2.7 Filter Share
2.7.1 Advances in Acoustic Filters
2.8 Drain Modulator Share
3. Estimates Used in Charts
4. Methodology
5. Definitions (Terminology)
6. How Can We Help You?

 List of Exhibits

Exhibit 2—1 Mobile Phone Related Business Unit Revenue, Top Five RF FE Suppliers
Exhibit 2—2 Estimated RF Front End Component Revenue of the Top Five Suppliers
Exhibit 2—3 Table of Mobile BU Revenue for the Top Five Suppliers ($M)
Exhibit 2—4 Table of RF FE Revenue for the Top Five Suppliers ($M)
Exhibit 2—5 RF Front End Component Forecast
Exhibit 2—6 Top-Selling Smartphone Brands in 2018 and 2019 (Top Six)
Exhibit 2—7 First 5G Phones Using Qualcomm Radio Chipsets
Exhibit 2—8 RF Component Share in Cellular Terminals 2018
Exhibit 2—9 RF Component Share in Cellular Terminals 2019
Exhibit 2—10 PA Market Share 2018
Exhibit 2—11 PA Market Share 2019
Exhibit 2—12 Skyworks SKY78191-11
Exhibit 2—13 Skyworks SKY5-8095-11
Exhibit 2—14 Qorvo’s RF Flex TXMs
Exhibit 2—15 Qorvo QM78201 UHB L-PAD
Exhibit 2—16 Front End Module Market Share 2018 and 2019
Exhibit 2—17 Skyworks SKY13716 Diversity Receive Module
Exhibit 2—18 LNA Market Share
Exhibit 2—19 RF Switch Market Share 2018
Exhibit 2—20 RF Switch Market Share 2019
Exhibit 2—21 Qorvo RFAC3612 Programmable Array Capacitor for Antenna Tuning
Exhibit 2—22 RF Filter & Duplexer Revenue Share 2018
Exhibit 2—23 RF Filter & Duplexer Revenue Share 2019
Exhibit 2—24 Antennaplexers
Exhibit 2—25 Acoustic Wave Filters by Frequency Range
Exhibit 2—26 Drain Modulator Market Share 2018
Exhibit 2—27 Drain Modulator Market Share 2019

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