5G In Emerging Markets

  • Published On: Sep 2020
  • By:  ABI Research

Actionable Benefits

  • Determine a 5G deployment strategy dedicated for emerging markets.
  • Validate and benchmark current strategies with the recommended strategies for emerging markets.
  • Identify the optimal regulations and technologies that can facilitate 5G deployment.

Critical Questions Answered

  • What are the current limitations and challenges in 5G rollout?
  •  Are geopolitical risk and COVID-19 great concerns for 5G deployment in emerging markets?
  •  What are the market drivers for 5G in emerging markets?

Research Highlights

  • Breakdown on the current state of 4G and 5G in key emerging markets.
  •  Discussion on regulatory conditions that facilitate and hinder 5G deployment.
  •  Technology portfolio and roadmap that allow telcos to capitalize on the market opportunities presented by 5G.

Who Should Read This?

  • Telco executives in emerging markets.
  •  Infrastructure vendors that are trying to create compelling solutions for emerging markets.
  •  Decision makers within governments and regulatory bodies who are responsible for spectrum allocation and infrastructure.

  • Current State of 5G in Emerging Markets and
     Future Opportunities
  • Limitations and Challenges in 5G Rollout in Emerging Markets
  • Impact of Geopolitical Issues and COVID-19
  • Regulations and Technologies That Facilitate 5G Rollout