5G’s Impact on RF Front-End and Connectivity for Cellphones 2020

  • Forecast Period: 2020 - 2025
  • Published On: Sep 2020
  • Pages: 280
  • By:  Yole
  • Type: PDF
What’s New
  • Covid 19’s impact on the RF frontend and connectivity business
  • Ecosystem analysis and US/China trade war analysis
  • Baseband and RF transceiver market forecast and shares added
  • Market forecast and shares extracted at die level
  • Connectivity market extended to ultra wideband
Key Features of the Report
  • RF front-end market forecast 2015 – 2025, in Mu and $M
  • Connectivity market forecast 2015 – 2025, in Mu and $M
  • Market share $M and ecosystem analysis
  • RF front-end and connectivity technology breakdown forecast • Wafer-start forecast per year 2015-2025
  • 5G market trends and key features
  • Connectivity market trends and key features
Objectives of the Report
  • Early implementation of 5G started end of 2019
  • The technology has a strong potential for RF front-end market growth and is very attractive to many companies across the world.
  • Sizing market opportunities and highlighting technology trends appeared to be useful for the semiconductor industry and led us to build this report.
  • The RF front-end and connectivity markets involve a substantial amount of technology platforms competing with each other, many of which have a strong market disruption potential. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of each technology’s strengths and weaknesses and delivers an ecosystem snapshot as well as detailed market shares.