Thin-Film Integrated Passive Devices 2020

  • Forecast Period: 2020 - 2025
  • Published On: Sep 2020
  • Pages: 114
  • By:  Yole
  • Type: PDF
What’s New:
  • Covid 19’s impact on general market forecasts
  • Focus on market trends, IPD growth relays, and market potential
Key Features of the Report
  • Thin-film IPD market forecast 2015 – 2025, in Mu and $M
  • Thin-film IPD market trends and future evolution
  • Technology trends and main manufacturing techniques
Objectives of the Report

For over two decades IPD has been a technology with considerable promise, just waiting for mass implementation. Yole has scrutinized this technology over the past eight years to assess its penetration and potential evolution. Our last IPD report dates to 2017 and includes an extensive technical analysis of the technology. In this 2020 report we undertake a more thorough assessment of the market’s potential and the status of IPD technologies. We also explore the different addressed markets and accessible markets, as well as IPD’s positioning as a promising technology still awaiting mass adoption.