Antenna Downtilt Coverage Radius Calculator

Antenna Downtilt Coverage Radius Calculator is used to compute the inner & outer signal coverage diameter of any area by using the height of antenna, Downtilt angle and vertical beamwidth.


  • Inner Radius Distance (miles):
  • Outer Radius Distance (miles):
Formula for Antenna Downtilt Coverage Radius Calculator

What is Antenna Downtilt Coverage Radius?

The antenna is tilted upward or downward with respect to the remote antenna along the vertical axis to achieve maximum signal strength. Thus, the radiation pattern may be tilted from a horizontal reference of the antenna by a certain angle. This angle is referred to as the downtilt angle of the antenna. These angles are predefined in the controlling system to get the accurate coverage area. The coverage area is a geographic area in which a remote antenna or an object will communicate with a base antenna. The extent of an antenna's coverage area is affected by its downtilt angle and its beamwidth.

 Application of Antenna Downtilt Coverage Radius?

The antenna downtilt specifications are necessary for achieving the maximum signal strength in desired directions. By calculating the downtilt coverage area one can effectively decide to avail the number of cells to the users in the mobile communication sector. The downtilt angle and coverage area calculations are necessary for radars to focus the antenna’s beamwidth for detecting the desired target object with minimized interference. The downtilt coverage area calculations have significant applications in the operation of the distributed antenna system (DAS), remote antenna sites, and in many other directional

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