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The effective antenna aperture/area is a theoritical value which is a measure of how effective an antenna is at receiving power. The effective aperture/area can be calculated by knowing the gain of the receiving antenna.

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Formula for Effective Antenna Aperture Calculator

What is Effective antenna aperture? 

The effective antenna aperture (Ae) of an antenna is the area presented by the antenna to receive or transmit the electromagnetic wave. Thus, if the effective antenna aperture increase, the gain of the antenna will increase.  

The gain of the antenna represents the maximum radiation intensity in a given direction (or absorbs incident power from that direction) when compared with a theoretical isotropic antenna. 

Also, the gain of the antenna will decrease when increasing the wavelength (λ) of the signal. It is because of radiation resistance of the antenna will increase when wavelength (λ) increases.

As per antenna theory, the relation between the gain (G) of the antenna and antenna aperture (Ae) is given by:

Therefore, effective antenna aperture, 


Ae = Effective antenna aperture in m2

λ = Signal wavelength in meter (m) = c/f (where f = signal frequency, C = speed of light = 2.998 × 108)

G = Antenna gain (Linear value)

The effective antenna aperture can be calculated by the following formula when the gain of the antenna is specified in dB (decibels). This calculator uses the following formula for calculating effective antenna aperture. 

Effective Antenna Aparture


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