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The Quality (Q) factor of an inductor is a measure of how close the inductor is to an ideal inductor i.e. one that has no parasitic resistance.

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Formula for Inductor Q Factor Calculator

What is the Q value of an inductor?

Q factor (quality factor) of an inductor at an operating frequency f is defined as the ratio of the reactance of the coil (at that frequency) to its internal resistance. It is the measure of how close the inductor is to an ideal inductor, i.e., one that has no internal resistance. In other words, the Q factor of an inductor is the measure of its efficiency. The Q factor is a dimensionless number. If an inductor has a high Q factor means that the inductor behaves closely to an ideal inductor.

The Q factor of an inductor is calculated by using the following formula.


Q = Quality factor of the inductor

f = Frequency (in Hz/kHz/MHz/GHz)

L = Inductance (in nH/µH/mH/H)

R = Internal resistance (Ω)

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