Microstrip Mitred Bend Calculator

When laying out microstrip transmission lines an abrupt bend of 90° can cause a significant portion of the signal on the strip to be reflected back towards its source. This results in only a portion of the signal passing through and causes un-necessary reflections in the system which degrades performance. Mitering the bend is one of the ways in which the reflections can be reduced. A 90 degree bend in a transmission line adds a small amount of capacitance to the transmission line, which causes a mismatch. A Mitered bend reduces some of that capacitance, restoring the line back to it's original characteristic impedance. This calculator below helps calculate the dimension of the mitre bend.

Transmission Line Bend Calculation


  • D
  • X
  • A
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W = Width of the the line

h = Height of the substrate

D = The diagonal of a square miter

A = Compensated length for optimal bend

More information on Mitered Bends can be seen on Microwaves 101.