Minimum Detectable Signal Calculator

The Minimum detectable signal (MDS) is the minimum power level that can be processed by a receiver to provide a relevant output. It is also known as the noise floor of the system. It can also be defined as the input signal power required to give a particular SNR at the output.

Calculate the Minimum Detectable Signal at the Receiver


  • MDS (Minimum Detectable Signal)


MDS =  Minimum Detectable Signal

T = Temperature in Kelvin

k = Boltzmann's constant (−228 dBW/(K·Hz))


If the system Temperature is 290 Kelvin then, effective noise power i.e

10*Log10(kT/1mW) = -174 dBm*

*Note = We have used -174 dBm as effective noise power.



Bandwidth = 12000 Hz

Noise Figure = 13.8 dB

Minimum Deteactable Signal = -119.4082 dBm