Radar Blind Speed Calculator

The radar blind speed is the speed at which the target will not be visible to the radar. This speed can be calculated based on the frequency/wavelength of the wave and the Pulse Repetition Time.


  • Wavelength (λ)
  • Radar Blind Speed (v)


f = frequency of operation

PRT = pulse repetition time

v = radar blind speed

If the Doppler frequency produced by a moving target is exactly the same as PRF, then sampling occurs at the same point in each cycle. With blind speed moving targets are suppressed by an MTI system-like ground clutters.


What is Radar Blind Speed?

Radar Blind Speed is speed at which the target can not be measured by the radar. This occurs because of the relationship between the transmitted pulse repetition time (PRT) and the received pulse-repetition rate. The Doppler pulse repetition rate is the difference between the transmitted and received pulse repetition rates. For Example, the PRT for a stationary object is the same as PRT transmitted by the radar which results in a net zero signal for the radial component of velocity. 

So the blind speed is the case in which the PRT of the transmitted and received signals is the same or a multiple of the transmitted PRT (Since a sine wave repeats itself - one for each multiple of the transmitted pulse repetition rate). This causes a zero signal to be obtained at the radar. So any object travelling at this blind speed will not be detected by the radar.

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