L Band

  • IEEE Radar L Band

    • Frequecny Range: 1 to 2 GHz

    • Wavelength: 3 to 1.5 mm

    • The L Band ranges from 1 to 2 GHz and is used in a number of applications. Some of the general applications include - Low earth orbit satellites, military satellites and mobile communications. It is also used by GPS/GNSS technologies – L1 Band: 1575.42 MHz, L2: 1227.60 MHz, L3 Band: 1381.05 MHz, L5 Band: 1176.45 MHz. The International Telecommunication Union has allowed the 1240 to 1300 MHz band to be used for amateur radio operations. In addition to this the 1260 MHz to 12 70 MHz band are used for amateur satellite up-links.

    L Band defined by NATO

    • Frequency Range: 40 to 60 GHz

    • Wavelength: 7.5 to 5 mm

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