Advanced Multi-Emitter Radar Simulation with off-the-shelf T&M Equipment

As the number of radar and communications signals in the air increases, modern radar sensors need to cope with a large variety of radar signals originating from different sources. Test cases are needed – from simple RF measurements to realistic scenario simulation with single and multiple emitters. This webinar gives an overview of typical applications and test cases. It also demonstrates a Rohde & Schwarz solution for these test cases that is based on off-the-shelf vector signal generators and tailor-made PC software. Test scenarios can range from simple pulses for component tests to full scale testing of complex radar systems. Examples show how to map real signal environments with multiple emitters and interferers into vector signal generators to stimulate a system under test.

What you will learn:
- How to simulate real-world emitters with an antenna diagram, antenna scan and signal sequence
- How to set up simulation scenarios on a 2D map with radar emitters
- How to simulate radar signals together with communications signals
- How to set up a phase-coherent setup for direction finding

Tags : Radar, Radar