What is a Spectrum Analyzer? How Does it Work?

Spectrum analyzers are import pieces of test instrumentation for testing radio frequency circuits and systems. This video describes what spectrum analyzers are, it looks at the different types of analyzer including superheterodyne or swept analysers as well as FFT spectrum analyzers, realtime or real time spectrum analyzers. The video describes how these spectrum analyzers work and looks at their relative attributes so you can choose the best type for your test needs. With these test instruments being used to look at RF signals in the frequency domain, it shows how they can be used to look at signal spectra, and locate unwanted signals or spurious RF signals.

The video also looks at various formats of spectrum analyzer including the rack or box mounted spectrum analyzers, USB spectrum analyzers, handheld spectrum analysers and PXI test instruments.

A demonstration of a realtime spectrum analyzer is also given to show how t can capture a transient waveform. In this example a GSM mobile communications RF signal with its frame structure is captured and the real time feature of the analyzer used to enable it to be analysed.

everything RF has created a search tool for spectrum analyzers. We have listed all the spectrum analyzers from the leading companies and made them searchable by specification. Click here to find a spectrum analyzer.