Analog Beamforming - What is it and How Does it Impact Phased-Array Radar and 5G?

This video is a recording of a Jan. 2017 technical webinar on analog beamforming. The webinar's speaker is Andrew Christie, technical marketing manager at Peregrine Semiconductor. 

As 5G communication systems are rolled out and phased-array radar spreads its reach to non-military applications, our industry has taken a keen interest in beamforming. This technical webcast explains everything you want to know about beamforming systems—typical uses, digital versus analog, nulling effects, unwanted interference, side-lobe suppression, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environments and urban environments. Using Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE19601 MPAC–Beamforming device as an example, this presentation discusses Peregrine’s philosophy and approach to solving technical challenges with beamforming.