Design of RF Transceivers for Medical Applications in 5G/IoT Era

In the upcoming 5G era, mobile communication system can provide extremely high speed, extremely low latency, and almost unlimited addresses for everything in the universe. On the other hand, with the aging of the population and the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for health and medical care are becoming more and more urgent and effective. The demand of medical electronic devices, which is one of the important types of IoT in 5G era, to make the medical devices smaller and smarter, will be one of the driving force of integrated circuits and systems. The implantable medical devices (IMD’s), which are fully or partially implanted in the human bodies through surgeries, have a series of strict technical requirements including the choice of frequency and bandwidth, low power consumption, data rate, signal modulation method, disturbing and interference etc. This lecture focuses on a recently proposed technique in the art of radio transceiver design to reduce  power consumption and area occupation. A set of miniature IMD’s have been implemented using this ultra-low power transceiver which can be integrated in different application specific systems-on-a-chip (SoC’s).