Anokiwave Behind the Curtain - Part 1 - mmW Market Drivers

5G and SATCOM communications are changing the way in which we communicate and paving paths to extraordinary opportunities.

For the 5G market, a new ecosystem is emerging that will lay the foundations for global technological progress. While its predecessors (2G, 3G, 4G) were brownfield developments entailing upgrades or additions to existing network infrastructure, 5G is a greenfield deployment comprising the installation and configuration of a brand-new network.

While the mmW 5G market is expected to see exponential growth in the next 4 years due to increasing demand for data, the satellite communications industry is poised for explosive growth with multiple high-capacity systems either already on-orbit or planned for the near future with a mission to provide broadband service to every corner of the world.

Anokiwave has been leading the 5G game since before standards existed and have led the SATCOM user terminal markets with high-performance, cost-effective ICs since 2016. We have been actively solving the challenges associated with mmW systems in collaboration with our customers and partners to reach new, exciting products that make mmW 5G easy for OEMs to adopt.

This is a four-part series that looks behind the curtain at Anokiwave to see the magic behind our solutions and what makes us stand apart from others.

Tags : 4G, 5G, SATCOM, 3G