Explainer video: How Full-Vehicle OTA Antenna Testing ensures infotainment Quality of Service

Infotainment Quality of Service is a competitive differentiator for vehicle manufacturers. However, the delivery of digital services to vehicles relies on robust wireless connectivity, and a critical element in the communication chain are the vehicle antennas. To ensure high-quality delivery of services, thorough testing at a vehicle level is necessary, once all the various wireless technologies are integrated. RF, protocol and functional application tests can be conducted in an anechoic chamber using specialist positioning, control and measurement equipment. This can optimize critical communication system elements from antennas to telematics & infotainment software and ensure all the components work together seamlessly.

Watch this video to get an overview of how antenna performance impacts infotainment QoS and learn how OTA testing in a controlled environment can verify the antenna performance and ensure optimum delivery of content to vehicle occupants.