BB60C Spectrum Analyzer: Your Key to EMC Success

Unlock the potential of your RF engineering projects with the BB60C Spectrum Analyzer: Your Key to EMC Success! In this in-depth exploration of the BB60C, Sean and senior engineer Justin Crooks from Signal Hound delve into the intricacies of EMC pre-compliance testing, highlighting how this powerful device can revolutionize your approach to signal analysis and interference hunting.

The BB60C, combined with Spike software, offers unparalleled value by providing comprehensive signal analysis and enhancing your test and measurement strategies. Whether you're dealing with intentional or unintentional transmitters, the BB60C’s real-time spectrum analysis capabilities ensure you capture and address spurious emissions efficiently.

Discover practical applications, from monitoring electromagnetic interference during hardware development to interference hunting in critical communication bands. With features like Zero Span Mode and advanced digital demodulation, the BB60C and SP145 software are indispensable tools for RF professionals.

Revolutionize your test and measurement approach and stay ahead of regulatory standards with the BB60C.