Create a Curve Tracer with BenchVue

  • Webinar Date

    Thu, August 18

  • Webinar Time

    1:00pm EDT

Webinar Overview

Keysight offers a powerful software tool - BenchVue for engineers in industry as well as instructional laboratories.  With support for hundreds of Keysight instruments typically found in electrical engineering labs and the ability to set up remote labs that are accessible over the Internet, BenchVue enables easy control, data capture, logging, monitoring, and report generation—all without requiring any programming.  

We will demonstrate the overall capability of BenchVue including how to control your essential bench and enhance remote teaching and learning before we dive deeper into a specific application - characterizing transistors. With BenchVue controlling the B29xxA Source/Measure Unit, student learners can create a transistor curve tracer. 

In this session, you will learn how to tackle and solve the toughest electronic design and test challenges. 
We will cover:

  • BenchVue introduction and how it can be used in an educational setting
  • Control of the essential bench
  • Remote teaching and learning
  • Education bundle
  • Introduction to the B29xxA Power Source/SMU
  • How to gather component data manually using the BenchVue Power Supply App
  • How to automate the process, creating the curve trace for a 2N3904 NPN transistor using Test Flow
  • How to export the trace data and images into Excel and Word
  • Q&A