Qorvo GaN on SiC: 15 Years of Reliability and Producibility

  • Webinar Date

    June 17, 2015

  • Webinar Time

    8am PT/ 11am ET/ 3pm UTC

Webinar Overview

Why this webinar matters:
In this webinar, Qorvo will review the status of GaN technology today, and the few still remaining challenges. After 15 years of government and private industry investment, GaN on SiC RF FET technology is today a reality. Steadily, the traction of GaN on SiC technology has increased among many businesses and today, you can find GaN on SiC FET technology on radars, base stations and cable TV products. GaN on SiC market penetration has been driven not just by the outstanding intrinsic RF performance showed almost from day one, but by the advancements on the understanding of its physics of failure and the consequent improvements of its reliability. Emphasis will be given to the aspects unique to GaN on SiC; improvements on GaN on SiC producibility, including some of the data accumulated over 15 years of fabrication.

Who should attend:
IC, RFIC, MMIC and RF designers looking to learn about Gallium Nitride (GaN) in Radio Frequency (RF) technology and how they can use GaN in RF product designs.

Presenter bio:
Jose Jimenez is a Device Engineer and Fellow within the IDP Research team at Qorvo (formed by the merger of TriQuint and RFMD). He received a B.A (1992) in Electrical Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and the Ph.D. (1996) in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in New York. He is also a La Caixa Fellow and a Beckman Fellow. Jose has worked in both integrated optics and in transport and optoelectronics semiconductor devices for the last twenty years in Telefonica R&D (Spain), T. J. Watson IBM Research Laboratory, Beckman Institute and Nanovation Technologies. For the last thirteen years, Jose has been part of the R&D organization of Qorvo focusing early on in 4 inch optoelectronics devices (DFB lasers and high speed photo-detectors) and later in GaN FET technology (physics, test and reliability). He holds 7 patents and has written more than 50 articles. Jose is currently a technical committee member for the Compound Semiconductor chapter of the International Reliability Physics Symposium and the European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices.