SiGe and RF SOI for sub-6GHz LNA Applications

  • Webinar Date

    September 13, 2016

  • Webinar Time

    8am PT/ 11am ET

Webinar Overview

This webinar focuses on low noise amplifier (LNA) design for sub-6 GHz applications using RF SOI and SiGe technologies. Topics covered will include:

  • Typical sub-6 GHz applications (GPS, cellular, Wi-Fi) and specifications
  • Basic LNA theory
  • Design considerations for LNAs:
    • Benefits of moving LNAs to the front-end module
    • Design trade-off and technology considerations for GPS, cellular and Wi-Fi applications
    • RF SOI and SiGe performance in LNAs


Presenter Bios:
Chaojiang Li and Randy Wolf are both Principal Member, Technical Staff engineers in GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ RF Design, Enablement and Support organizations.

Chaojiang’s design experience includes low noise amplifiers (LNAs), power amplifier (PAs), switches, VCOs, power dividers, couplers, power detectors, phase shifters, and mixers for sub 6GHz WLAN/cellular communications, and X/K-band satellite and 5G communications systems. He has 20 publications and holds a bachelor’s degree from Zhejiang University and PhD from Clemson University.

Randy’s test circuit expertise spans high-frequency synthesizers, digitizers, power detectors, filters, mixers, amplifiers and ADC/DACs. He also develops benchmark circuits for wireless communications applications, including switches, LNAs, PAs, negative charge pumps and logic control. Randy has 22 U.S. patents and holds a bachelor’s degree from Drexel University and master’s from the University of Massachusetts.

Prior to joining GLOBALFOUNDRIES, both Chaojiang and Randy were senior engineers with IBM Microelectronics.