• Webinar Date

    October 20, 2020

  • Webinar Time

    2:00pm BST (GMT +1)

Webinar Overview

Cars ‘talking’ to each other and to moving parts of the traffic system around them is known as ‘vehicle-to-everything’ (V2X) connectivity. As 5G networks arrive, V2X applications will profoundly change both the world of driving and the automotive industry’s business models. 

The telecommunications, technology, and automotive industries are working together to bring some groundbreaking connectivity solutions to market. These solutions will improve road safety, reduce environmental impact, and create significant new value for the companies that develop them. Made up of a diverse grouping of industries from OEMs, suppliers, and big tech, to mobile carriers, network operators and systems integrators, the close-knit connected car ‘ecosystem’ has already put nearly 200 million ‘connected vehicles’ on the roads worldwide. The industry is now poised for mass deployment. 5G connected driving is on its way to becoming a ubiquitous reality. 

Taking place in partnership with 5GAA, and as part of the launch of its 2030 Roadmap for Advanced Driving Use Cases, this digital webinar asks how automotive connectivity will evolve over the next ten years, and shines a light on the conditions needed to unlock the true value of V2X services for companies, consumers, society, and the planet.