Unlocking the latest GNSS Test Solutions

  • Webinar Date

    Tuesday 1st December 2020

  • Webinar Time

    14:00 IST

Webinar Overview

Come and learn about the new features from Spirent Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) including:

1.Simulating spoofing and interference with the GSS7000 Series GNSS Simulator.

2.Record and playback various GNSS/WiFi/LTE/DTV/FM signals and use cases for RTK, CAN bus data with the GSS6450.

3.Integrated hardware-in-the-loop testing to test vehicle dynamics in defined environments.

4.Advanced real-time multipath and obscuration simulation system.

5.Capture and replay IQ data using GNSS simulators to test receiver algorithms early in the development cycle.

With GNSS commercial applications ever-increasing, it is important to select the right test solution for your use case. Spirent also offers professional services from over 35 years’ experience as the global leader in GNSS testing – assuring our customers deliver on their promise of accurate and reliable GNSS solutions.