GNSS Corrections Demystified

GNSS receivers rely on external corrections to compensate for various imperfections called GNSS errors to achieve decimeter or even centimeter level accuracy. Whether you are new to GNSS Corrections , an expert in marine navigation systems, a car manufacturer or someone involved in marine industry or autonomous systems, this webinar will help you to learn the latest advancements in GNSS corrections and understand better what’s the right choice for you. Learn directly from Sapcorda, Fugro, Lear and PointOne how they deal with satellite and atmospheric errors.

Top 5 Takeaways
1.Discover the trends in correction services for autonomous, industrial and marine applications.
2.Understand the differences of the available correction services.
3.Explore how the marine industry guarantees accuracy and robustness.
4.Learn how companies will guarantee integrity, high accuracy and distribution of corrections for autonomous       driving vehicles and emerging autonomous applications.
5.Understand the value of positioning modes such as PPP, RTK, RTK-PPP or SSR and the role of correction       services.






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