Impossible Low-Current Measurements...Made Possible

  • Webinar Date

    Tue, October 11

  • Webinar Time

    1:00pm EDT

Webinar Overview

Register now for this complimentary webcast and learn how to optimize battery life in battery-operated medical device designs. We’ll show you how impossible low-current measurements are now possible using Keysight's new device current waveform analyzer.

Battery life is important in all portable electronic devices, but for medical devices, a properly functioning battery can be life-critical. Today’s medical devices integrate combinations of device monitoring, sensing, digital processing, and wired or wireless communication features that generate highly dynamic power consumption profiles. Medical device designers face ever-increasing demands for longer battery life, especially for implantable and safety-critical external devices.

As a result, the demand for sophisticated current measurement hardware has never been greater. Device current waveform analyzers enable sub-nanoampere, high bandwidth measurements with a simple user interface, powerful visualization tools, and automatic current profiling features for quick, high-accuracy insights into battery life.

Who should view this webcast:

Design and test engineers who develop portable, implantable, or other medical devices where analyzing and understanding power consumption is critical.