Performing on-wafer VNA measurements from 70 kHz to 110 and 145 GHz

  • Webinar Date

    November 1, 2016

  • Webinar Time

    11am PT/ 2pm ET

Webinar Overview

In this webinar, participants will learn various tips and techniques for performing on-wafer measurements using a VNA over broadband frequencies as wide as 70 kHz to 110 and 145 GHz. Some of the challenges that will be discussed include:

  • Installation considerations
  • Understanding how to approach calibration choices
  • Attaining correlation with external labs
  • Determining when recalibration might be needed

Who Should Attend:

  • Design engineers performing on-wafer device characterization with the goal of improving device models.
  • R&D engineers involved in the process of designing mmwave circuits and components for microwave systems.
  • R&D engineers designing and testing MMIC devices.
  • Design engineers who use device models during the simulation process.
  • Test engineers in charge of measuring on-wafer devices over a broad frequency range for device characterization or circuit validation.
  • R&D and Test Department managers responsible for efficiently providing test records of on-wafer devices and integrated circuits.

What You Will Learn:

  • Methods to improve calibration stability
  • How to setup up a VNA measurement system for best flexibility and support of multiple device types.
  • Alternative calibration techniques for broadband on-wafer measurements
  • Optimizing measurement performance when probing up to 110 GHz and beyond.
  • Some of the solutions and approaches available for performing differential on-wafer measurements.

Presenter Bio:

Steve Reyes is the Product Manager for the VectorStar VNA at Anritsu Company. He has designed and marketed microwave test equipment for more than 30 years and has presented papers and conducted workshops on microwave test measurements for ARFTG, NIST, and IEEE organizations. Steve holds degrees from the University of California, Davis and Santa Clara University.