Opportunities and Challenges for New LEO Constellations

The new low Earth orbit (LEO) constellations are creating big interest from potential users. High data rate combined with low latency, the ability to cover areas with no communication infrastructure, Earth Observation and Imaging capabilities, as well as the promise of single hop to anywhere secure links are definitely major advantages, and disruptive technologies. Join Advantech Wireless Technologies, Kepler Communications, UHP Networks and the SSPI to learn more about the Challenges and Opportunities for the new LEO Constellations, the impact on traditional GEO teleports architecture, and how will the LEO teleports be different.  

Discussion Topics: 
•  What is the target market, and which users will benefit?  •  How do we solve the bandwidth efficiency, while bringing the user terminal cost down? •  How challenging is the TT&C for large LEO constellations? •  Are there any unplanned LEO value added features that can generate revenue for LEO operators?  •  What is the impact on traditional GEO teleport architecture, and how will be the LEO teleports different?


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