RF Fundamentals Part 1: The RF Signal Chain and Network Analysis

  • Webinar Date

    10 November, 2016

  • Webinar Time

    1:00pm EST

Webinar Overview

During this 1-hour webcast, you will learn about the RF transmit/receive signal chain*. We will review the role of network analysis in characterizing the key components of these systems, covering transmission line theory, S-parameters, Smith Charts, impedance measurements, impedance matching, calibration and error correction. You will learn about transmit/receive and directivity paths and how to optimize dynamic range and accuracy.

*In RF/Microwave communications systems, data is transmitted using modulation, up-conversion and amplification and is detected or received through amplification, down-conversion and demodulation. We will refer to this as the RF signal chain.

Who should attend:
Recent engineering graduates, experienced R&D engineers transitioning to RF, or technicians and engineers who are or will be involved in manufacturing test and/or design and simulation.