Demystifying 5G and the Evolution to Massive MIMO for Increased Capacity and Profit

  • Webinar Date

    December 15, 2016

  • Webinar Time

    8am PT/ 11am ET

Webinar Overview

What is the motivation for 5G from an operator’s perspective? This webinar explores two critical technologies for evolving 4G into 5G: virtualization of the baseband processing and massive MIMO antenna arrays. Baseband virtualization can result in 50 % lower operating expenses (OPEX) for cellular operators while increasing network capacity by implementing enhanced coordinated multipoint (CoMP). Massive MIMO replaces existing separate radio units and passive antennas with an integrated transceiver plus antenna arrays to create an active antenna system with the coexistence of beamforming and MU-MIMO architectures. While both technologies are considered critical for 5G, they are already being developed for integration into existing TD-LTE networks. In this webinar, the challenges facing massive MIMO deployment and measurement will be briefly addressed, and over-the-air (OTA) measurements for 5G mmWave radio equipment based on Rohde & Schwarz benchtop OTA solutions will be demonstrated.

Attendees will learn:
- Massive MIMO concept, application and challenges
- Measurement of 5G antenna radiation pattern using the R&S®DST200 RF diagnostic chamber
- Realtime beamsteering measurements for mmWave systems with the OTA power measurement solution

Presenter Bios:

Iratxe Fernández Antón is an over-the-air (OTA) product manager at Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG in Munich. She is an expert in the field of radiated measurements and focuses on shielded solutions for upcoming 5G OTA testing. Iratxe has experience in marketing and sales for test and measurement solutions. Prior to joining Rohde & Schwarz, Iratxe worked as an application engineer for Texas Instruments and also for a governmental institution active in the TV and radio broadcasting industry.

Corbett Rowell is a 5G technology manager at Rohde & Schwarz and an honorary adjunct professor on the electronic and computer engineering faculty at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Prior to joining Rohde & Schwarz, Corbett was an electrical engineering professor in Kazakhstan for two years; an R&D director at China Mobile Beijing, responsible for development of massive MIMO systems for 4.5G and 5G; an R&D director at the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute for almost a decade, where he focused on advanced RF systems; and an entrepreneur who founded two successful startups. He holds over 35 US patents and five Chinese patents, and has had over 40 papers published in international journals and at conferences. He has also served as the technical program co-chair for the IEEE International Wireless Symposium. His research interests include massive MIMO, OTA, mmWave, and antenna measurement systems.