How to Use HFWorks to Design and Simulate a Bow-Tie Wide Band 5G Antenna

5G wireless communication is a reality now, thanks to its obvious power and advantages it offers; for example, it offers a highly dependable universal connectivity with huge volumes and diversity of data as well as a broader bandwidth.  Traditionally, microstrip phased array antennas are used in 5G communication systems; thanks to its compactness, high efficiency, and easy integration in MMIC; nonetheless, they suffer from a limited bandwidth.  To achieve a wider bandwidth, Bow-Tie antennas, with a pair of radiators printed on both sides of the substrate has been suggested by several authors.

In this webinar, we will use the virtual prototyping antenna simulator, HFWorks, to build and simulate a 10x5.5x1.5 mm Bow-Tie antenna array, printed on a FR4 substrate, having eight elements.  We shall demonstrate to you this type of antennas indeed offers larger bandwidth, a better matching, higher gain, and a sharper radiation pattern well-suited for future 5G communications.

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