GSA Insight Webinar: Turning 5G mmWave into Reality in Asia Pacific

mm-Wave spectrum has a critical role to play in delivering the ultra 5G experience. But how can regulators, operators and vendors best work together to deliver on this promise?,mm-Wave spectrum, such as 26, 28, 40 and 47 GHz, has been licensed in a number of countries across APAC with many more expected to follow over the next 1-2 years. Meanwhile globally, in excess of 180 operators in 45 countries/territories are investing in 5G mm-Wave in the form of tests/trials, acquisition of licenses, planning deployments or engaging in deployments.The potential is there for mm-Wave spectrum to unlock an ultra 5G experience – but what will it take to this into a reality in AsiaPac?
This GSA Insights Webinar brings together operators and regulators who have either licensed mm-Wave or are considering it to share their views, experiences and plans.
What you will learn:
- Global trends and the regional status in APAC of 5G in mm-Wave spectrum
- Operator perspectives from Asia, Europe and the US on their plans for 5G services in mm-Wave
- The perspectives of regulators from across ITU Region 3 on licensing approaches for mm-Wave spectrum