5G: Managing component-level risks to commercial success

Today, consumers in over 20 countries can access 5G speeds on their smartphones.
Over the next few years, standardization work will pave the way for huge enhancements in throughput, latency and availability that promise to open up the benefits of 5G to many new industries and applications. For organizations to reap these benefits, the 5G ecosystem must manage component-level risks around scaling mmWave deployment, thermal management, optimizing device footprint through component count reduction, and extending battery life.
This webinar will discuss the future evolution of 5G, the growth opportunities and challenges around 5G-enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT and mission-critical communications (MCS) and how component-level risks can be managed to achieve commercial success.

  • The future roadmap for 5G - standards, spectrum, and deployments
  • 5G vertical and application forecast: what will use case adoption look like?
  • What are the industry drivers and pain points?
  • The component-level risks around scaling mmWave, thermal management, optimising device footprint and extending battery life
  • Why are these risks important and how should the 5G ecosystem address them?
  • Live Q&A with industry and technical experts