Need to Successfully Design a Milimeter-Wave Automotive Radar Antenna?

77 GHz automotive radar applications are growing as more vehicles are equipped with active safety systems and more focus is placed on developing autonomous vehicles. There are many things to consider when implementing PCB technology for 77 GHz automotive sensor applications. Obviously, circuit design and simulation are very important, however there are multiple real-world issues which can impact the RF performance of PCB’s at millimeter-wave frequencies and some of these issues are commonly unknown to the designer.

This webinar will focus on six critical topics which are key for the RF designer to understand in order to generate models and designs which will yield circuits with RF performance that are more closely matched to the models. These topics include high frequency material properties along with PCB fabrication influences. Additionally, from many years of experience with 77 GHz automotive radar applications at Rogers Corporation, a new RF material was recently launched. The benefits of this material for mmWave applications will be explained.

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